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ABC’s Midseason Replacement, Red Widow

The new ABC drama, Red Widow is an adaption of a Dutch series called Penoza. The premise of the series follows Marta Walraven played by Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill) who has tried to avoid exposing her children to to her own criminal upbringing. Her father, Andre Petrov played by Rade Serbedzija (24) is part of the Russian mob. Marta gets dragged into the criminal underworld when her beloved husband, Evan Walraven played by hunky Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels) is killed. Evan was trying to make a deal with the FBI to expose Marta’s family’s mob connections so their family could go into witness protection. Evan was in business with Marta’s brother, Irwin Petrov (Wil Travel) and Mike Tomlin played by Lee Tergesen (Generation Kill, OZ). They were smuggling drugs and got in over their heads when Irwin decides to rip off Nicholas Schiller played by Goran Visnjic (ER) who is a very big crime boss. Irwin gets arrested by the Feds and is put in jail. He tells Marta to move the drugs they stashed. When Marta goes to retrieve the drugs in hopes of giving it back to Schiller, the drugs are gone.

Marta tries to repay Schiller with half a million dollars that Evan hid for them before his death. She hopes that Schiller will accept the money and her plea of ignorance to the whole deal. It’s not good enough for Schiller because now he wants to consign Marta to help him import drugs using her connections and the network that her husband set up. He wants her to run it. Marta hopes this will be a one time event and Schiller will release her from any debt she has incurred because of her brother and husband. It seems Schiller has other plans for her. She will be dragged into a world she has fought to stay out of. There is also the mystery of who gunned down her husband and who moved the drugs. Schiller claims he has nothing to do with the Evan’s murder.

Goran Visnjic seems ideal to play the well-dressed and dangerous crime boss that everyone fears even Marta’s father. Radha Mitchell plays a strong female lead playing in a male dominated world while trying to raise three children. Red Widow is La Femme Nikita meets Desperate Housewives. No one kicks ass like a mother protecting her children while being an indentured servant to a handsome mobster.

Red Widow has a two hour premier on ABC Sunday, March 3 at 9/8 C. Catch the first hour of the pilot at


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