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The Vampires of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 - The Denali and Egyptian Coven

To keep track of all the new characters in the upcoming final installment of the Twilight franchise, here are re-blogged posters and descriptions of the allied covens in the film.  Here are a breakdown of the character description and the actor/actress that plays him or her.  

The Denali Coven:

Tanya (MyAnna Buring) – She is one of the Denali sisters and is the leader of the clan who was turned in the 1000s.  The 27-year-old Swedish actress, MyAnna Buring was in The Descent.

Irina (Maggie Grace) – She is one of three Denali sisters and was turned in the 1000s.  She reports the Cullens to the Vulturi.  She is grief-stricken and blames the Cullens for the death of her lover, Laurent who was killed by the wolves.   The 28-year-old actress, Maggie Grace was in the series Lost, 2009 Taken, and 2010 Faster.

Katrina (Casey LaBow) – She is the third Denali sister and was turned in the 1000s.  She has the ability to cause painful electric jolts to anyone she touches.  The actress, Casey Labow is a New York native and was in 2010 Skateland and 2011 Hide Away.

Carmen (Mia Maestro) – She was turned in the 1700s and is originally from Spain like her mate, Eleazer.  The 34-year-old Argentine actress, Mia Maestro was in 2004 The Motorcycle Diaries.

Eleazar  (Christian Camargo) – He was once a Volturi but left to be with Carmen.  He was turned in 1700s and can sense vampires’ special abilities.  He is the one that explains Bella’s ability to her.  The 41-year-old actor, Christian Camargo is best known for his role in the Showtime drama, Dexter and 2009 The Hurt Locker.

Garrett (Lee Pace) – He was a nomad who joined the Denali clan because of Katrina and is a close friend to Carlisle Cullen.  The 33-year-old Julliard alum, Lee Pace was in the ABC comedy Pushing Daisies, 2009 A Single Man and will next be seen in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey andSteven Spielberg’s Lincoln.

Egyptian Coven:

Amun (Omar Metwally) – He is the leader of the coven who was turned before 2500 B.C. and doesn’t trust Carlisle fearing he will take Benjamin. The 37-year-old Dutch-Egyptian actor, Omar Metwally was in 2007 Rendition and 2005 Munich.

Kebi (Andrea Gabriel) – She was turned before 2500 B.C. and is Amun’s mate.  The 34-year-old LA native, Andrea Gabriel was in the ABC series Lost.

Benjamin (Rami Malek) – He was turned between 1790 and 1800 and has ability to manipulate the elements such as water, earth, fire and air.  The 34-year-old actor, Rami Malek was in the HBO mini-series, The Pacific, the Fox series Alcatraz24 and Night at The Museum.

Tia (Angela Sarafyan) – She was turned between 1790 and 1900 and is Benjamin’s mate.  The 28-year-old Armenian-American actress, Angela Sarafyan has appeared in TV series such as CW Nikita and Criminal Minds.


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