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The Next Factor: Toby Hemingway

Toby Hemingway was featured in a 2011 LA Times Magazine article as one of “nine newbies ready to breakout -and win our hearts-as Hollywood leading men.”  The 28-year-old from England shared this view on acting:

“I have no backup plan,” he says. “I don’t have anxiety about acting. I have anxiety about everything else in life but not acting.”

This naughty boy who likes to pick fights with Chuck Bass, play-tend with Taylor Swift, and was caught in between a black swan and her bi-curious frenemy is also a very gifted and under-exposed talent.  He’s best known for his role as Reid Garwin in The Convenant (I still have to wipe the drool off my mouth when I think of Taylor Kitsch, Chace Crawford, Steven Strait and him in those little swimming briefs).  He also appeared briefly in the 2010 movie, Black Swan.  Here’s hoping Toby exposes more of himself on the big screen in the future.  He can be seen in the horror movie Playback and can next be seen in the psychological thriller, The Silent Thief due out this year.  

One little-seen movie Toby shined in was, 2007 The Feast of Love.  The movie follows a community of friends in Oregon who explore the painful, magical and heart-breaking incarnations of love in their lives. Toby plays Oscar, a kind-hearted romantic from a troubled home.  He falls love-at-first sight with Chloe Barlow played by Alexa Davalos  (Clash of the Titans) and finds in her, a home and family he never knew existed.  

The cast includes Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear, Billy Burke, Radha Mitchell, and Stana Katic.


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